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1. Machine wash using gentle cycle. Any laundry detergent may be used and non-chlorine bleach if necessary.  

2. Tumble dry for 5 to7 minutes only. Remove and press while damp. This is the most important process for maintaining the luster and lifespan of your fine linens. Over drying is the most harmful process for your fine linens.  

3. Your linens can also be line-dried and used un-pressed.  

4. Fine linens should not be washed together with heavier fabrics (ex. with blue jeans, etc.). Washing with heavier fabric may cause peeling.  

5. Any dark color embroidery should be washed separately and in cold water.  

6. For Hand-Embroidered Linens use extra-care in the washing and ironing, Make sure that the point of the ironer does not get entangled with the lace to avoid the unraveling of the hand-embroidery.  

7. For Embroidery with threads in red we recommend to wash the linens separately from other fabrics the first 3-4 times' in cold water and adding half a spoon of red vinegar to the water to help fix the color.  

8 Cashmere Blankets and Matlassee' and Covers. DRY CLEAN - Do Not Wash